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Standing Pouch Packaging (FAQs)

The primary function of a stand-up pouch, also known as a doypack, is to serve as a flexible packaging solution that can stand upright on its bottom for various purposes including display, storage, and convenience. It combines the features of plastic bags, water bottles, and retort pouches. The bottom part of a stand-up pouch is gusseted, which means it is designed with extra material that expands to provide support, allowing the pouch to stand upright for display or easy use. This design makes stand-up pouches versatile and suitable for a wide range of products, such as food items, beverages, snacks, and various consumer goods.

Q1. What sort of items can I put in the standing pouch packaging?
Frozen food, Dried fruit & seeds, Snacks, Nuts, Powders (e.g. spices, seasoning, tea, etc.), Stick/Sachet Products (e.g. stick coffee).

Q2. Can I submerge the packaging in hot water for cooking?
No. But it can withstand the hot temperature of hot water up to 100°C. E.g. You have noodles inside the pouch. You can pour hot water into the pouch to cook the noodles.

Q3. Will the standing pouch packaging leak?
No, since it’s sealed well. We do leak-testing with a leak test machine for every 300pcs before shipping out the goods.

Q4. Can I put the standing pouch packaging in the microwave?
No. Our Standing Pouch Packaging is not suitable for use in a microwave.

Q5. How thick is the standing pouch packaging?
The thickness of the Metalized Pet Film and the Transparent Pet Film are the same.

Models M1 & M2 – 112 micron or 0.112mm
Models M3, M4 & M5 – 122 micron or 0.122mm

Q6. What are the differences between Metalized Pet Film and Transparent Pet Film?

  1. Metallized Pet Film allows for a shiny, striking appearance that is sure to make your product stand out in an exciting way on shelves.
    Metallized Pet Film Standing Pouch
  2. Transparent Pet Film allows your customers to see for themselves just how fresh and appealing the actual products are.
    Transparent Pet Film Standing Pouch

Q7. May I know the benefits of standing pouch packaging?
Durable, Airtight, Food-Safe, Lightweight, Convenient Handling, Premium Quality, Hygienic.

Q8. What sizes are the best fit for my product?
That depends on your product density, but we have 5 recommended sizes for you to choose from!

M1 M4 M6 M7 M8 M9
Size W-100mm
Sample Powder 100g
Sugar 150g
Beans 170g
Cookies 40g
Sambal 220g
Rice 190g
Powder 750g
Sugar 1kg
Beans 1.1kg
Cookies 400g
Sambal 1.3kg
Rice 1.2kg
Powder 200g
Sugar 200g
Beans 230g
Cookies 70g
Sambal 320kg
Rice 260g
Powder 350g
Sugar 450g
Beans 500g
Cookies 200g
Sambal 650g
Rice 600g
Powder 750g
Sugar 1kg
Beans 1.1kg
Cookies 400g
Sambal 1.3kg
Rice 1.2kg
Powder 1.1kg
Sugar 1.5kg
Beans 1.7kg
Cookies 650g
Sambal 2.2kg
Rice 1.9kg

*This sizing chart is just a guide. There is no guarantee your products will fit into our standing pouches. (W-Width, H-Height, G-Gusset)

Q9. What is the minimum order quantity for the standing pouch packaging?
Our MOQ is as low as 100pcs.

Q10. Does the price include delivery fees?
We provide free delivery (via our appointed courier) to your doorstep.


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