Pre-ink Rubber Stamp

Now, you can get the rubber stamp done within the same day.

Normal 2 – 3 Working Days
Next Day*
Same Day** (new option)

*  base on order placed before 11am, self collection only
** require at least 1-2 hours for production. Last order at 4pm.

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Our Pre ink rubber stamp last 10,000 impressions

Guaranteed or get a Pre ink Rubber stamp in replace for free

To order a pre-ink rubber stamp, simply select the shape, dimension, ink colour, quantity and add to cart. After making payment, you will receive an email containing your rubber stamp order details. If no details have been provided by you during checkout, our professional staff will be contacting you on that.

Once your artwork has been confirmed, the Self Inking Stamps will be process on the same day if order is received before 3pm and it  will be ready the next working day. If you opt for delivery, it will be done on the next working day.

Rubber stamp Specifications

Ink Colour (Blue / Black / Red)

Rubber Size (Rectangle):
10mm x 35mm, 10mm x 45mm, 10mm x 65mm
14mm x 43mm, 14mm x 55mm, 14mm x 83mm
18mm x 43mm, 18mm x 55mm, 18mm x 67mm, 18mm x 78mm
22mm x 43mm, 22mm x 55mm, 22mm x 67mm, 22mm x 78mm, 22mm x 91mm
27mm x 103mm, 27mm x 43mm, 27mm x 55mm, 27mm x 63mm, 27mm x 67mm, 27mm x 85mm
32mm x 55mm, 32mm x63mm, 32mm x 78mm,
38mm x 43mm, 38mm x 55mm, 38mm x 67mm
43mm x 55mm, 43mm x 67mm, 43mm x 78mm
53mm x 55mm, 53mm  78mm

Rubber Size (Square):
18mm x 18mm, 22mm x 22mm, 55mm x 55mm

Rubber Size (Circle):
18mm, 24mm, 28mm
Artwork Size (Circle):
16mm, 22mm, 26mm

*Actual size is 2mm smaller*

Minimum Order Quantity From 1pcs

File Format:
(.ai) (.pdf)

Process Duration:
Normal 2 – 3 Working Days
Next Day
Same Day
(Click here for Production lead time table)
Delivery takes extra working days
Please submit file using the template provided or there might be delay in processing the order

Cut-off Time:
3:00 p.m.


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How To Order

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Download Templates

You MUST download and use the correct Product Size Templates to prepare your artwork. These templates do not contain any designs. They are specific application files which include predefined guide-lines indicating bleed, safety, and trim lines. Preparing artwork in your own template may not meet our sizing specifications and may be rejected. These templates can help eliminate artwork setting error.


Download Template

Software: Adobe illustrator CS6 (*.ai)




Rectangle 10mm




Rectangle 14mm




Rectangle 18mm




Rectangle 22mm




Rectangle 27mm




Rectangle 32mm




Rectangle 38mm




Rectangle 43mm




Rectangle 55mm








Square Download-AI