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Acceptable Print Policy

We acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as a “perfect print”. There are many factors affecting the outcome of the prints. This set of acceptable print policy governs the level of acceptance on final printed outcome and the defects that will qualify for a reprint.

*Not applicable to Large Format & Sublimation Printing or collated products such as booklet


For CMYK process printing, our acceptable standard is within 10% of the original intended colour. Colour consistency may also occur within the same print run (Eg. The colour of each individual printout in a single print run may differ from each other by up to 10%). It may also occur in separate print runs of the same artwork on separate occasions (Eg. When reprinting a print job using the same artwork used previously, colours may also differ by up to 10% even though the same artwork is being used.)
Qualify for reprint if more than 10% colour difference (Basis of colour check based on our CMYK Colour Reference Book)


  • Includes Hotstamp, Diecut, Emboss
  • Qualify for reprint if effect of positioning is more than 0.5mm


1 dirty spot within 5cm2 is deemed acceptable if the dirt spot is less than 0.5mm diameter.
Qualify for reprint if:-

  • (2a) there are 2 dirty spots within 5cm2
  • (2b) if dirty spot is more than 0.5mm diameter


Bubbling after lamination is deemed acceptable if it is less than 0.5mm in diameter regardless of number of bubbles.
Qualify for reprint if :-

  • Bubble is bigger than 1mm in size


Variance of colour within the same batch of printing is deemed acceptable if the colour variant falls within 10% of intended colour.
Qualify for reprint if:-

  • Colour differ more than 10% of intended colour (see colour discrepancy)


Trimming registration may shift. If the offset is less than 1mm (2mm for digital printing), it will be acceptable.
Qualify for reprint if:-

  • trimming offset by more than 1mm


*Note: This policy only applies to single loose sheet product.

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