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Print side:
Single / Double

F1U, F2U, F3U, F4U, F5U, FPF01, FPF02, FPF03, FPF04, FPF05, FPF06, FPF07

corporate folder

Close size:
F1U: 215mm x 302mm
F2U: 215mm x 302mm x 8mm
F3U: 215mm x 302mm x 8mm
F4U: 220mm x 305mm x 3mm
F5U: 220mm x 305mm x 5mm
FPF01: 225mm x 310mm
FPF02: 225mm x 310mm x 5mm
FPF03: 310mm x 215mm x 5mm
FPF04: 225mm x 303mm x 4mm
FPF05: 225mm x 310mm x 4mm
FPF06: 215mm x 305mm x 5mm
FPF07: 218mm x 305mm

Minimum order quantity from 100pcs

File format:
(.ai) (.pdf)

Process duration:
6 – 8 working days
(Click here for Production lead time table)
Delivery takes extra working days
Please submit file using the template provided or there might be delay in processing the order

Cut-off time:
3:00 p.m.


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You MUST download and use the correct Product Size Templates to prepare your artwork. These templates do not contain any designs. They are specific application files which include predefined guide-lines indicating bleed, safety, and trim lines. Preparing artwork in your own template may not meet our sizing specifications and may be rejected. These templates can help eliminate artwork setting error.



Download Template

Software: Adobe illustrator CS6 (*.ai)
























FPF01 Inner




FPF01 Outer




FPF02 Inner




FPF02 Outer




FPF03 Inner




FPF03 Outer




FPF04 Inner




FPF04 Outer




FPF05 Inner




FPF05 Outer




FPF06 Inner




FPF06 Outer




FPF07 Inner




FPF07 Outer




FPF08 Inner




FPF08 Outer




FPF09 Inner




FPF09 Outer




FPF10 Inner




FPF10 Outer




FPF11 Inner




FPF11 OuterDownload-AI


Step by Step Order Process

January 1, 2015

Step 1

Select your options from Instant Price Calculator in the product page.

January 1, 2016

Step 2

Add to cart & check out

Once order is placed and payment made, you will receive an email with subject “Order XXXX has been received and pending approval

We will check your files and proceed to print if no issue. If we discover an issue, we will contact you via email / phone call.

January 1, 2017

Step 3

Proceed to print

When the file is ready, we will send it to production for print. You will receive an email with subject: “Order XXXX has been updated to PRINT-IN-PROCESS

* At this point, no further changes can be made to the order.

January 1, 2018

Step 4

Self-collect / Deliver

When your order is ready, you will receive an email with subject: “Order XXXXX is ready for Collection / Delivery

Self Collect
Do arrange to pick-up the item during our operating hours. Kindly quote your order number during collection.

We will arrange for third party courier to send to you. Do note that it will take additional 2-3 working days.

Frequently asked questions

No. The price shown is the price (before GST)

If you need 450 pcs and the available quantity shows 300, 500, please select 500. The price difference is negligible.

Generally, we print on our material stock listed in the Instant Price Calculator. If it is not listed, likelihood is we don’t carry it.

If you needed to print a size bigger than A5 but smaller than A4, simply select A4 as the size and let us know your final size in the “remarks” field. 

We accept Credit/Debit card as well as credit balance in digital wallet.

Production timeline can be found in the “Description” tab.
Example 4-6 working days (exclude weekends and public holiday)

You can login to your account dashboard >> My Order to retrieve the invoice.
* Do note that the invoice will only be available upon Order Ready

No. You will need to place the order first. In the event that your file is not suitable to print and unable to rectify, you can:

  1. Request for a full refund to be credited in your digital wallet for your next purchase.  OR
  2. Refund to your credit card. Do note that a 10% administrative fee will be charged and the refund process may take up to 2 weeks. 

You can login to your account dashboard >> My order

In the unfortunate event of a print issue, we will gladly assist to investigate within 5 days from the date of “Ready”. Thereafter, we will not be able to entertain any form of print feedback.

Kindly fill up this form

You can get more information via our knowledge-base articles and resources

There are many ways to get your design done economically:

  1. Engage a freelancer via Fiverr (most of the services are USD5 only), or
  2. DIY your design via Canva (its free and there are tons of templates to use). However there are some little detail to take note (very simple one)

Notes when designing via Canva:

  1. Enter the actual dimension of the print.
  2. Remember to show print bleed (File > Show Print Bleed).
  3. When done, download PDF Print with Crop marks and bleed checked.
  4. Upload this pdf to us when placing orders.

Disclaimer: Expressprint is not related nor affiliated with Should you need further assistance, contact Canva directly.