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Common Artwork Issues

Below is a list of the common artwork issues. To avoid unnecessary delay in production of your job, please ensure your artwork is void of these common issues before uploading your file to us.

Problem Descriptions Solution
Missing font Ungroup all objects/text and Curve/Create Outline/Path all fonts.
Artwork contrains line weight less than 0.25pts Set line weight above 0.25pts
Colour tints (toning) contain less than 10% Ensure all colour tints are set to 10% and above.
Artwork contains: (C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100) Set colour to SUPER BLACK (C=60 M=40 Y=40 K=100)
Artwork contains Pantone/RGB colour mode Ensure all images/colour mode in CMYK.
Wrong Spot Colour Seperation Refer: How To Prepare Spot Colour Artwork.
Pre-Inked Stamp: Artwork contains tints Ensure your artwork does not contain tints.
Artwork contains low resolution image Ensure all images are set to or above 300dpi.
Background design not expanded to Full Bleed Expand background design to Full Bleed.
Elements exceeding Safe Zone Keep vital elements within Safe Zone.
Wrong artwork size Please use our Product Size Template.
Artwork contains guidelines/text description/cropmarks Remove all guidelines/text description/cropmarks.
Artwork contains overprint setting Ensure your artwork does not contain overprint setting.
CMYK over 240% Reduce CMYK total ink coverage below 240%
Booklet contain cross page Refer: How to prepare cross page artwork
White Base Refer: How to prepare White-based artwork



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