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The untapped print solution: Label Sticker

Many of you will have heard or seen articles defining “Printing” as a sunset industry. Do you agree? According to an article published by Cannon, an abstract of the article “We’ve listed the reasons why print is still important today, and also acknowledged the power of colour printing, but how has print managed to stay relevant in our modern era?” Read more…

For me, I do agree that some print usages may have diminished as the world advance with technology. However, some print products are here to stay, for long! One of the print that may will see continual growth will be packaging related prints. For example, packaging box, paper bags, containers, etc… These are all essentials especially for product packaging. Can you imagine receiving an iPhone box without any print?

Now, let’s be very realistic! Is it worthwhile for any new “starter” to invest hundreds of thousands of dollar in machineries just so that you get a chance to share the pie in packaging production? I am not sure about you, but I will DEFINITELY not!

Fret not, there is still a gap for opportunity in this area of print. The gap is Sticker (Label) printing. See the image below…. can you see the opportunity?


Which group of people you belong to?

1) I will like to start a print business with little investment

Expressprint offers you a fast lane to help you turbocharged your sticker printing business without a hole in your pocket. For less than S$400 per year, you can start your print business almost immediately. Click here to find out….

2) I will like to start and/or fully automate my sticker printing production

Toyocut™ Autofeed Sticker Cutter is all you need. Expressprint is the authorised distributor of Toyocut™ brand for Singapore & Malaysia. One of the best function of this machine is autofeed. If you are currently using any plotters to cut your stickers, you will definitely appreciate this function and you can start to visualise your savings on manpower and maximising your profit.

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