Who should Join?

Who should Join?

More and more people are looking for a practical way to work from home and still enjoy a liveable income. And while a printing business is just one of many home based opportunities, it has its advantages. The primary advantage is virtually no front end dollar investment. Your investment is your time. The traditional way to get started was to find one or more printers in your area and re-sell their services.

Today, the home based print broker has a much easier way to get started. PrintEXpert provides a print aggregation software solution in the form of web portal (www.expressprint.com.sg).  All you need is a web-browser + internet connection to use the account.

Individual who wants to profit from print business

The demand for printed goods is everywhere, from corporate advertisements to wedding invitations. All businesses, both large and small, need printing done to increase their visibility in the marketplace and to communicate by mail to their customers, among other things. Due to the constant need for printed goods, print business opportunities are still very valuable. As a PRS, you’ll have access instant pricing of more than 50 print products. You will also enjoy wholesale pricing (up to 80% lower) where you can markup for a substantial profit. No upfront investment needed.

If you are new to business or a print business, you may wish to consider our PrintEXpert Licensing Program where you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to start a profitable print business. Send us an email and our Program Consultant will get in touch with you.

Companies with frequent print jobs

If your company is printing a lot of stuffs on a regular basis, you should join us. It is very tedious search and request a quote from printers. Sometime, these quotes are not provided in a timely manner, causing you inconveniences. As a PRS, you will be able to get instant quote from the portal, 24/7. All you need is to select the product and input the specifications, upload a file (final artwork) and we will do the rest. All invoices are also available in your account for your reference and accounting. Everything is online which made it extremely convenient. Pricing are transparent too, no more worries about any hidden costs, etc …

Print Broker / Creative Agency

You already know the trade. Your profitability depend on your ability to get lowest cost for the same print job. At times, you may need to pass on a client’s order to a few printers for reasons such as costing, variety, quality, production lead time, etc… We started off as a print broker as well. We totally understand your frustration when pricing is inconsistent, colour inconsistency (especially with various printer), delay in production, unable to get a quote when it’s urgent, etc… this is where PrintEXpert can give you a better competitive edge. You can get instant price quote 24/7 (pricingis fixed). Our production lead time is clearly define and guaranteed. We also have a CMYK colour guide book where you can compare colour before print. And if you need samples, we provide “unbranded” paper & card samples so you can let your client have a real feel of the materials. The possibilities as a PRS is endless. Start now!

Graphic / Web Designer

What do you think a client will do after you have designed a brochure, business card or invite card for them? Get it PRINTED! You got it right. Most of time, your client will require printing services and they will be glad to pass on the job to you saving the the hassle of looking and liaising with a printer. As a PRS, you straight away have access to most of the product that your client requires. One of the most COMPELLING reason for you to provide print services to your client is to retain them. Let’s say if your client source for a printer themselves (and they found one), do you think you have a chance of losing that customer to the printer? Most printing companies have designers who are equally as proficient but charging lesser…Don’t let your client go; they may never return.

If  you are a web designer, you already have the skill to design, why not maximize your opportunity to profit from the same customer? After all, client who need a website, actually has a business. And a business will need some form of print such as business cards. By including printing service as part of your business, you gain another stream of income.

Current Printers (of any size)

You have already own a production workshop or factory. It’s a matter of fact that you may not be able to produce all the print that your customers required. Let say if you specialized in digital printing and your customer required a larger print quantity. We already have know that the cost of digital print does not have any economic of scale. The cost per print remain the same. So, are you going to turn away this customer? If you give them the chance to source for other printer. you may lose them for good. PRS compliment your business at NO extra cost. You don’t need to invest in new machine to “standby” for customer’s order.

Likewise for current offset printer, you have no problem with big quantity print. Instead, you may not be able to produce smaller order such as business cards at competitive prices, not to mention profit. PrintEXpert is able to offer superb pricing even for small quantity as we specialized gang-run printing. Why let go of your customer? PRS can help you to remain competitive with any additional investment and operating cost. 3 Simple Steps to start profiting. REGISTER NOW!