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Creating Spot UV artwork

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If you are preparing the artwork using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, make sure you have already setup PDF preset.
Not yet? See how to.

You may start by downloading our standard size template (you may require to login to download)

Our standard size for business card are

We require 1.5mm bleed size on each side. Safe zone will be 2mm away from actual size on each side.

Example: If the circled spot is meant to be “Spot-UVed”

On artboard 1: This will be the print

On artboard 2: You will need to create shapes at exact position to be spot-uv with k100 fill

Save as pdf file in our required PDF settings

If you are ordering print with 2 sides Spot UV, repeat the steps again, save as another pdf file and zip both file for upload.

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