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Expressprint offers a very competitive pricing for artwork services.

Option 1 – $10 (edit existing name*)
Option 2 – $20 (Single side artwork)
Option 3 – $40 (Double side artwork)

*for existing customer where artwork was created by us initially.

Example 1 – Only have physical Card (Double side artwork)

If you only have a physical card, we can re-create it into a printable file.

This is what we will do.

  1. Scan the card
  2. Layout and Re-type all wordings (reasonable numbers of words, english only.)
  3. Make minor changes to information if needed
  4. Match fonts and colour
  5. Send to you for confirmation before print

We will require your logo in hi-res format such as *.ai.

In this case, when the customer is unable to provide hi-res logo.

  1. Logo was scanned in hi-resolution
  2. Watermark logo was also scanned
  3. Mobile phone symbol was matched
  4. Back artwork was scanned (with colour correction) as there are too many words

Need artwork service? Click here to order

NOTE: All printable artwork created by Expressprint will be kept and retained. If you need the printable artwork file, you may purchase from us at S$50 + GST.

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